Where Technique and Passion Collide


"I have been around coaching and strength and conditioning for 20 plus years and Coach Christian Vitale has shown me how dedicated he is to his players by giving them the best information on technique and is a example of 'hard work'. My philosophy is 'Success is a planned event' Christian Vitale has a plan for success."

Glenn P Howell
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Pima College Football

"Christian Vitale is one of the best special teams coaches in the state of Michigan. His commitment to the fundamentals of kicking and punting have guided many young men to greatness at both the high school and college level. I was invited to Christian's "Special Ops" camp this past year and was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of special teams and his ability to coach the ins and outs of kicking a football. I would highly recommend Christian and his camp to anyone seeking to improve as a punter."

Nick Harris

"I own a Semi-Pro Football team in Traverse City, Michigan. I invited Mr. Vitale to come up and teach our players some special teams material that he is infamous for. My Players and coaching staff are very pleased with the system Mr. Vitale showed them. I feel that with this system that he showed will help us have a very successful season especially in our special teams unit. I would recommend all coaches to invite Mr. Vitale to their school for a clinic. He is one of the best when it comes to attention and details in running a successful special teams unit".

Daniel Skibbe
TC Wolves CEO

"I have had the distinct pleasure in hiring Christian Vitale as my Special Teams Coordinator. From the very beginning Christian attacked the opportunity as Special Teams coach. He was thorough, organized and very enthusiastic about his responsibility as coach. He was committed to excellence and demonstrated an uncanny ability to pay attention to every detail. Christian has worked to become one of the best Special Teams coaches in high school football."

Ken Schmidt
Former Head Football Coach
Waterford Mott High School
Waterford, Michigan

"Coach Vitale has come up to work with my punters, kickers, snappers, and holders. He walked each and every player through their kicking progressions. Each player received the same attention, no matter what their ability. Coach Vitale was very personal and professional in his teaching approach. He stressed mechanics and gave players different checks and balances on how they could monitor their kicking throughout the season. Players where given stretches, strength exercises, and year long kicking workouts that have helped develop all my kickers.

I highly recommend Coach Vitale's kicking camp and have recommended all our punters and kickers to attend."

Mark Merlo
Head Football Coach
Owosso High School
Owosso, Michigan

"What a great camp---my grandsons and players couldn't stop talking about how much attention and caring you and your staff gave them today. I thank you and promise I will let people know how great this experience was for all involved. Keep the Faith--you are on the right track. thanks again for allowing us to be involved. Nick Harris is a tremendous person."

Jim Mac Dougall
Head Football Coach
Berkely High School
Berkely, Michigan

Excellent job on the webinar. Here's what a couple guys said to me...

"Well outlined material, and has a value to any program. Coach Vitale makes himself available. Emailed coach, and he responded almost immediately. He is willing to share. Thanks again!"

"Coach Vitale has definitely done his homework. He's gone above & beyond more so than most coaches..."

Again, thanks so much for everything you do for the Glazier Clinics and the game of football,

John Crist
The Glazier Clinics

"Coach Vitale is one of the true students of the game when it comes to Special Teams play. He has researched the necessary details for Special Teams success with some of most experienced and finest minds in the game. Through his research he has been able to develop a series of schemes and implementation strategies that are quite innovative and effective which makes Coach Vitale an excellent speaker."

Randy Pippin
Glazier Clinics

"Christian Vitale is one of a kind in regards to approach, technique, scheme and passion for special team play. He leaves no stone unturned and gets the maximum out of his units. He prepares participants and coaches to better understand the value and importance of these units.

Christian is extremely organized and professional throughout the year, as he works clinics and meetings. His special teams motor never shuts off. I have been fortunate to have been able to learn from him and watch him implement brilliant schemes that have put us in positions to have tremendous success.

Christians website the kick is up, is GOOD!!!!!"

Keith Garrison
Defensive Coordinator
Waterford Mott High School

"Coach Vitale knowledge of special teams is vast and unique. His attention to detail is extraordinary and the depth of his playbook for special teams is unsurpassed."

Ken DePerro
Former Special Teams Coordinator
Lahser High School

"Coach Vitale's expertise and enthusiasm has improved our special teams dramatically."
John Maltese
Head Football Coach
Lakeland High School
White Lake Michigan

"I have personally had the opportunity to help talk, train, and mentor the Waterford Mott football team. I was completely impressed by the professionalism of all of the coaches and the values of hard work and discipline that was instilled into every player on the team. It was an honor and a privileged to be in the presence such great individuals. Once again I would like to thank all the coaches for letting us be a part of the elite Waterford Mott football team."

SGT Wooten, Jamey
U.S. Army
"Airborne All the Way"

"I am a student that participated in your punting camp yesterday. My brother an I had a great time. By the time I was finished I had learned a lot. Thank you for taking your time to help me learn how to punt. I will try to practice everyday if I get a chance. I hope to do this again next year, it was a experience of a lifetime. Thanks again."

Zachary C. Moore

"On behalf of the staff and residents here at Grace Centers of Hope, we would like to graciously thank the Team 'TheKickisUp', Christian Vitale, Detroit Lions Punter Nick Harris and the Army Recruiters and all the supports for hosting a Punt Camp on Saturday, June 20th, 2009. Thanks to your fundraising efforts in raising over $300 for our homeless men, women and children, we can continue to operate and sustain the oldest and largest homeless shelter in Oakland County. We are honored to have this partnership and hope to help with organizing the 'Punt Camp in 2010'! Thanks and God Bless you all!"

Adrian Laux
Communications Assistant
Grace Centers of Hope

"It was a pleasure to meet you. Hearing about your experiences and how your choices and personal circumstances affected your life reinforced to all of us how important it is to stay focused on our goals. My teammates and I were inspired by you and the way you were able to deal with adversity in your life. Personally, what I took away from your talk is that you have to believe in yourself, have confidence in your abilities, and try to surround yourself with positive influences in order to succeed. Thank you."

Jim Birnie
Berkley High School

I have never played for a coach with such an eye for detail. As a player I was prepared every Friday night because of the hard work we put in every day throughout the course of the week and the off season. Coach Vitale settles for nothing shy of perfection and taught me that neither should anyone else. He has made me into the player I am today and without his guidance I would not still be playing to this day. I also had the pleasure to coach alongside him at his first punting camp and had the honor to witness his teachings affect others. Coach Vitale has the ability to bring out the true potential of any player that is willing to put in the effort. I hope to continue to work with him for years to come.

Teddy Drussel #1
Adrian College

My name is Ben Lang and I was a soccer player my whole life until I decided to try football my junior year of high school. It started as a fun way to spend time and play another sport in the fall with little time commitment, but after attending Coach Vitale's summer punting camp football became much more than a hobby. My senior year I was decorated with several regional awards. Coach Vitale's attention to detail and dedication to his players is unmatched by any football coach I've ever had at the high school or even college level. With his help, I was recruited by several small schools in Michigan and Ohio, before deciding to walk on to Miami University's (OH) football team this spring. Coach Vitale has provided the only real kicking coaching for me and has improved my form to the level that allowed me to be where I am today. I recommend his coaching camps to anyone who seriously wants to better themselves special teams player, no matter what age or skill level.

Ben Lang #10
Miami University Ohio