Where Technique and Passion Collide

THEKICKISUP Place Kicking Program is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to enhance and refine their skill in the area of punting. THEKICKISUP focuses on teaching through repetition and attention to techniques. We believe that proper technique and a clear understanding of the skills you want to master are the keys to becoming a successful athlete.

What you learn at THEKICKISUP Place Kicking Program:
-Stretching, warm-up and down techniques
-Proper alignment, steps, stance, approach, jab step, plant foot, leg swing, hip placement, arm position and head position.
-Types of Kick offs- Onside, squib, sky, hash, directional, corner
-Field Goals and PAT- from the middle and hashes
- Where to strike the on a close kick vs a long distance kick
-Game scenario

The camp is broken down into 3 sessions with a combined total of 8 hours.
-Maximum participants per camps-15
-All kickers will be filmed and timed, and all kicks will be charted and analyzed.
-Kickers will be evaluated with a pre-tested and post-tested chart.
-Kickers will receive a tee shirt, kicking charts, stretching and lifting programs.
-At the conclusion of the camp, the kicker will receive a DVD of all their kicks, notes on what areas they will need to improve in along with information on techniques and drills to assists them.
Note: DVD will take 1-2 week to be compiled.

Camp cost $50.00 $25 Non-refundable Deposit required
Snapper's training is free with enrollment of a punter
Eligible participants: 7th through 12th grade
***Photo and Injury waivers must be filled out and returned to THEKICKISUP before the camp date-

Time of sessions: Registration time is between 7:30-8:00 am
8:00am-11:00am lunch at 11am
Session-1 Agenda 3 hrs
Introductions and Agenda
Stretch / Warm up
Alignment, Steps, Stance
Approach, Jab step, Plant foot, Leg swing
Hip placement , Arm position, Head position
Dry run drill- One step drill
FG kicks

Time 8am-11am
10 mins
20 mins
10 mins
10 mins
10 mins
20 mins
100 mins
3:00 HRS

10-reps walk through
10-reps walk through
10-reps walk through
10-reps per drill
Distance will be determined by the kicker

Due to the mechanics of placekicking more time may be spent on Session-1 with the main focus on techniques

Session-2 Agenda 2 hrs
Stretch / Warm up
Kickoffs- steps & approach
Middle kickoff
Hash kicks
onside, squib, sky, pop ups, directional, corner

Time 12pm-2pm
15 mins
15 mins
15 mins
15 mins
60 mins

2:00 HRS

Session-3 Agenda 2 hrs
Dry run
Kickers film time, competition, and awards
Final words camp conclusion team photo
Time 2pm-4pm
15 mins

5-Review / Drill
FG competition

At THEKICKISUP we are here for our students all year around. Whether it is about a great game, school, family or they just need someone to talk to. We are there any time for our students who want to talk. You are part of our family- Coach Christian Vitale