Where Technique and Passion Collide

Coach Christian Vitale discusses growing up with a learning disability and living in a abusive household.
He talks about his personal journey to overcome adversity and how he achieved success in business and coaching.

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"Great life story" Jeremy Ladronka
Asst. Principle Mason Middle school

"Powerful story" Bishop L. Turner
Church of Lord Jesus Chist- Pontiac, MI

Coach Vitale took 45 minutes to speak to 80 of my players and in speaking with the players afterwords they were impressed on how he overcame so much adversity and learned to make "good choices" --they were truly impressed and speaking for all of the good things that he has done for young people I can truly say that he is one of the "special people" that I have come across in my coaching life.

Jim Mac Dougall
Head Football Coach - Berkley High School

"It was a pleasure to meet you. Hearing about your experiences and how your choices and personal circumstances affected your life reinforced to all of us how important it is to stay focused on our goals. My teammates and I were inspired by you and the way you were able to deal with adversity in your life. Personally, what I took away from your talk is that you have to believe in yourself, have confidence in your abilities, and try to surround yourself with positive influences in order to succeed. Thank you."

Jim Birnie
Berkley High School